We are creative independent craft-studio based in Moscow.

We 3D print furniture, home decor and small architectural forms for good living and working.

We believe that 3D printing is the field where ideas become reality.

We create products for people who appreciate quality.

We treat our products as a piece of art, and we are constantly looking for visual and functional harmony.
We 3D print on demand furniture, home decor and small architectural forms as a piece of art, which combine durability, individuality and functionality and yet with design capable to stand the test of time.

We want to emphasize the beauty and characteristics of each material,
because of this we create design based on local traditions, so you can buy it worldwide.

We cooperate with designers, artist, engineers, scientists etc.
in order to find new ways for application of on-the-edge technologies.

We know that only by combining art, science, and technologies with functionality
one can get the genuine piece of art for a wide range of people.
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