YellowRoad Project is a mini-factory for producing furniture and home decor.

We consider the possibility of using recycled plastic waste as a main working material
for 3D-printing, also we plan to use other wastes. Doing so we aim to reduce the human impact on the environment and planet ecology, we want to reduce amount of waste
and landfill sites that have become satellites of our cities and even islands in the ocean.

We want to make beautifully designed furniture affordable
for even low-income groups of the population.

This project opens up for us and for customers unlimited opportunities
of bringing to life the most daring ideas
In YellowRoad we are aimed to work together with designers and architects
to bring great houses with interior and exterior designed specifically for them to life.

Designers and architects develop houses, and YellowRoad prints for these houses furniture, home decor and small architectural forms, designed for each particular house,
thus ensuring its individuality and functionality.

This is how Gaudi and Hundertwasser designed their houses.
There's a container for collecting plastic and other kind of waste
for recycling these waste into filament for 3D printers, working  on solar panels.

A person can collect necessary amount of plastic waste to get furniture or home decor items
for free, or order them for a fee in YellowRoad mini-factory.

Stationary terminals, which form factor is a container equipped with solar panels,
located as close as possible to customer, receive order for manufacturing a product,
and then they print it.

When order is received, exact amount of plastic with desired color and texture is produced
from main set of plastic and dyes. Then the order is executed.
Innovations help to facilitate and improve quality of people's daily lives,
taking into account their needs and desires, in spite of a small income.

We want to help as many people as possible to improve their lives.

Economy on demand makes a lot of things, for example, designer furniture,
affordable for people, even if they have low-income.

We create new generation technologies and products that really help people
and that people really need.

We work with respect for natural resources and our planet.
In YellowRoad we recycle different kind of waste, then we make materials from them for 3D printers, that are of our own design. Finally we print ready-to-use products in close proximity to customer.
In YellowRoad we want to involve people in collecting plastic and other kind of waste
with subsequent manufacturing from them furniture and home decor items,
that people really need, in order to improve environmental and ecology situation in our cities.
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